How Much does a Tractor Cost?

The cost of tractors for sale is decided by a number of factors, including the type of tractor, make and model, drive type and horsepower.

How much a potential buyer is willing to pay for a tractor depends on the type of land they’re using it on in addition to potential projects and budget.

Costs by Horsepower

A big factor when it comes to how much a tractor costs is the type of tractor and the horsepower it uses. Lawn, sub-compact and compact tractors with lower horsepower are on the cheaper end, while farmers will pay more for higher horsepower tractors like agriculture/row crop models.

There are numerous ranges of tractor horsepower, with tractors less than 40 HP on the low end of the horsepower range all the way to tractors over 300 HP. Below are the price ranges for each tractor based on horsepower.

Less than 40 HP

Tractors with this low of a horsepower range include lawn tractors, which are typically around 15-20 HP, with sub-compact tractors around 20-30 HP. Tractors from 35-40 HP are usually in the compact utility category. These types of tractors are easy to store in a shed or barn, and used for basic jobs on a smaller farm.

An older lawn tractor can cost less than $5,000. Older compact utility tractors go for the $5,000 range as well, up to over $40,000 for newer John Deere models.

40-99 HP Tractors

Tractors with a horsepower range of 40-99 include compact tractors, compact utility tractors, and utility tractors. Most tractors in this range are powered by a 3 or 4 cylinder engine.

Compact tractors can be used with larger implements and may be the first practical choice for someone looking to cultivate land. Utility tractors feature things like joystick gear changes, and are used for tougher jobs and rougher terrain.

Prices for tractors in this horsepower range can be as low as $6,000, to over $90,000 for models such as the John Deere 5090 and John Deere 4066. A new model, such as the 2022 John Deere 5045E, goes for $22,999, while models such as the 2022 John Deere 4066R are in the $90,000 range.

100-174 HP Tractors

100-174 HP tractors include utility tractors, as well as larger agricultural tractors - also known as farming or row crop tractors.

Agriculture tractors take care of the roughest jobs on the toughest terrain and can handle a wide array of jobs, able to be implemented with a large number of attachments.

Used tractors with this horsepower range from $10-$20,000 to over $200,000 for 2021-2022 John Deere models.

175-299 HP Tractors

Tractors in this horsepower range can accomplish virtually any task, and are often seen on large industrial sites and major agricultural properties. One benefit of these types of tractors is the fact that they are powerful - yet not too big to fit in a barn. Farmers using these types of tractors will be able to finish work more efficiently, leading to higher profits.

These include agriculture/row crop tractors, and used tractors range from Versatile models that go for around $15,000, to over $350,000 for models such as the John Deere 8R.

Tractors over 300 HP

300 + high horsepower tractors include both track and quad track tractor types. Brands that specialize in this high horsepower range include John Deere, Case IH, Versatile and Challenger. Used tractors in this category range from the $20,000 range on the low end, all the way to over $600,000 for 2021 John Deere quad track models.

Costs by Tractor Brand

How much a tractor costs obviously depends on each tractor brand as well. Fastline’s tractor listing database includes popular tractor brands John Deere, Case IH, Massey-Ferguson, New Holland and Kubota.

How much does a John Deere tractor cost?

Arguably the most popular and recognizable tractor brand is John Deere. The cost of a John Deere tractor depends on different specifications listed above, as the company makes everything from lawn tractors to high-horsepower agricultural tractors.

Fastline’s listing database of John Deere tractors includes a 1994 John Deere 970 for $5,245, while a 2021 model such as the 2021 9620RX is listed at $648,700.

Other popular tractor brands include Case IH, Massey-Ferguson, New Holland and Kubota.


Tractors are extremely versatile and can be used for a number of different jobs. There are a number of different types of tractors that feature different horsepowers, drive types, and other features. All of these affect how much a tractor will cost for a potential buyer. If you’re looking for a new or used tractor, Fastline’s tractor listing database features the top tractor brands and models available.