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2023 Claas AXION 820

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461.7 miles away - ATHENS, TN
Hours: 15
Transmission: CVT
Horse Power: 197
Drive Type: 4WD
Hours: 15, Transmission: CVT, Horse Power: 197, Drive Type: 4WD, New: New, Backhoe: No, Front Suspension: SuspendedFrontAxle, Front Tire Type: Singles, haspto: Yes, Loader: No, Rear Tire Type: Singles
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AG Central COOP - Athens
461.7 miles away

2023 Claas AXION 860

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461.7 miles away - ATHENS, TN
Transmission: CVT
Horse Power: 250
Drive Type: MFWD
Transmission: CVT, Horse Power: 250, Drive Type: MFWD, 3-Point Hitch: Yes, New: New, Auto Guidance: Yes, Backhoe: No, Cab Air: Yes, Cab Heat: Yes, Front Fenders: Yes, Front Suspension: SuspendedFrontAxle, Front Tire Type: Singles, gpsready: Yes
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AG Central COOP - Athens
461.7 miles away

Claas AXION 800

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1424.7 miles away - FRIONA, TX
Horse Power: 200
Drive Type: MFWD
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Lonestar Ag
1424.7 miles away

The Versatility and Value of Tractors Over 175 Horsepower

When most people think about a tractor that is over 175 HP, they think about power. These are the large machines that accomplish nearly every task. Images brought to mind are the huge machines used on industrial sites or massive tractors used on major agricultural property. However, these tractors have a wider range of uses and are becoming more and more popular as the industry of agriculture grows.

Increased Demand for High Horsepower Tractors

Today, concerns about emissions, the need for more power, and the increasing demands from those working in agriculture have begun to increase the need for higher powered tractors. These considerations have been coupled with the need to keep tractors at a reasonable size. As engines grow larger, so does the chassis which has become unsustainable for many serious farmers. The problem to this solution has been to keep smaller frames on tractors but increase horsepower.

Powerful Tractors Mean Greater Speed and More Profits

Tractors with more than 175 horsepower are being more and more prized because now the tractors in this category are more powerful without being too big to fit in the barn. Makers such as McCormick are getting back into the business of selling high horsepower machines because the demand for them is growing. This means that those who are willing to invest in a machine of this size will be able to get work done faster and more efficiently, leading to more productivity and profit. Although these tractors can be pricey, the purchase can pay for itself quickly.

Types of Tractor with Over 175 Horsepower

There are several different types of tractor that are in the market today. Although all are powerful and able to handle large implements, each has its own unique function in the world of agriculture. Many makers such as AGCO or Agco Allis sell a selection of tractors in each of the following three categories.

Utility Tractors

There are several different types of tractor that fit into this category. The first is utility tractors. These are all-purpose tractors that are built for numerous tasks around the farm or ranch. Utility tractors are built to bale hay, plow snow, and mow large areas of land. Other utility tractors are built for heavy hauling and lifting.

Row Crop Tractors

Built specifically for field cultivation and use with crops, these machines are perfectly suited for implements that are used for tilling, baling hay, hauling manure, and much more. These are wonderful machines for individuals or businesses with large properties who need a trustworthy machine that will get the job done quickly. These tractors usually range from 140 to 400 HP.

4WD/Track Tractors

Built with tracks instead of tires, these tractors are ideal for uneven ground, steep slopes, or muddy and swampy land. Ranging between 370 and 620, these are some of the most powerful tractors on the planet. They are able to handle large implements for superior planting with high speed capabilities.

Uses for High Horsepower Tractors

If an individual has the money, the space, and the inclination to purchase a high horsepower tractor, there is really no drawback to owning a more powerful tractor. The tradeoff is greater speed, more efficiency, and a greater range of capabilities. Here are a few reasons for having a high horsepower machine such as a Fendt on a farm.

Short Term Projects

One of the reasons that a high horsepower tractor may be needed is the completion of a short term project on a smaller piece of land. It may actually be practical to rent something such as a 270-300 HP machine from Farmall to complete a building site, clear rubble and dead trees from an area, or move soil. For some, this may be a more practical solution if the tractor is only needed for a few days.

Long Term Projects

A more long term clearing project may be a good reason to purchase a higher horsepower machine. A powerful machine such as a Case can be purchased new or even used, and be put to use for several years in tackling a larger scale project. The machine can then be kept on hand or resold.

Daily Use

Large scale farming requires the assistance of a powerful vehicle. Purchasing a tractor such as an International that will last for years of daily use on a large plot of land can be the best business decision. Everything from tilling to baling hay becomes easier and faster with a more powerful tractor.

Resale Value

The resale value on tractors with over 175 horsepower is skyrocketing. More and more people are seeing the value of these machines and are investing in the higher power and greater speed that they offer. There has been as much as a 10% increase in demand for them in recent years. This provides some unique opportunities for those looking to purchase and resell. For example a Steiger or Ford tractor can be purchased for use on a larger project for one or two years and then resold for nearly the same price if it has been well taken care of.

Some of the Best Tractors on the Market

When it comes to purchasing tractors, there are a lot of options. With tractors over 175 HP, it can be challenging to begin to narrow down the options to find one that best fits each unique situation. Here are a few of the best makers selling quality high powered tractors on the market today.

Trustworthy, Sleek, and Functional

One of the most well known makers of tractors is John Deere. Almost everyone has heard of them and they make tractors of all different shapes and sizes. They are particularly well-known for sleek and powerful high horsepower tractors that are powerhouses in the fields. Their 6, 7R, 8R, and 8RT series row crop tractors are built to tackle even the biggest of crops without compromising on speed. They also feature utility and 4WD Track tractors that are well suited to unique circumstances and tricky landscapes.

Tractors Built for the Fields

New Holland tractors build incredibly powerful tractors that are competitive with many other big names on the market. Their focus is on quality with tighter bales and faster speeds leading to a more productive farm. Anything from lifting heavy loads to preparing ground for crops is easier with their high powered machines.

Growth and Looking to the Future

Of all of the tractor brands, Challenger may be one of the most forward looking. With an emphasis on growth, they are constantly changing to better meet the needs of their customers. Their selection of row crop and track tractors meets a variety of needs on the farm.

Customizable Power and Maneuverability

With a focus on custom made tractors, Massey-Ferguson brings the best of high horsepower tractors into a perfect union with a small and maneuverable chassis. They also place a high emphasis on durability with the hope that their tractors are used and loved for many years. Their 7700S, 7700, and 8700S series are all well suited to cultivating many acres of land on a daily basis.

Precision and Reliability

Versatile tractors are some of the best loved for their overall reliability and performance. Built with superior precision in mind, they are made for working on large farms with superior speed. They come in high horsepower row crop and 4WD models that are flexible and useful for many different operations.

Strength and Dedication

Of all of the high powered tractors, Caterpillar may be the most known for their power. Built to move tons of dirt, these machines are excellent for clearing or excavating land quickly and easily. They produce a number of powerful tractors that make maintaining a large property easy. They offer rentals, or the machines can be purchased used at reasonable prices.

Tractors that Are Up to Challenging Jobs

Up at the top of the list are Case IH tractors which have a reputation for being up to hard jobs. Their Magnum, Optum, and Puma series all offer tractors over 175 HP that are each built for unique tasks. They are perfectly suited for all manner of tillage, haulage, and hay bailing tasks and are a great choice for farms in need of high power and efficient speed.


Now is a particularly good time to think about purchasing a tractor that is over 175 HP. With an increasing demand for tractors with powerful engines but a manageable chassis, tractors in this range keep improving in quality. As the demand increases, prices will continue to go up so purchasing now will mean that the tractor will gain almost instant value. In addition to their predicted value and success, they are incredibly useful pieces of equipment to have on a large workable farm. They can accomplish anything from tilling large amounts of land quickly, to hauling dirt and other heavy materials. They are a wonderful investment for the future and will continue to grow in popularity as more and more people discover their value.