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Benefits of Using Drop Deck Trailers

Load Flexibility: The design of drop deck trailers, with their distinct upper and lower decks, allows for the easy transportation of tall equipment that might not fit on flatbed trailers. Whether it's a massive piece of machinery or a tall load, the low profile of the lower deck ensures secure transportation without violating height regulations.

Safety Advantages: Drop deck semi-trailers come with a lower center of gravity, thanks to their design. This dramatically reduces the risk of toppling during transportation, especially with heavy cargo. Additionally, the tire inflation system in many models ensures optimal tire pressure, adding another layer of safety.

Ease of Loading and Unloading: The beavertail design at the rear of some drop deck trailers makes the loading process smooth. Furthermore, the use of sliding winches ensures cargo can be safely secured. Whether it's loading machinery onto a Trail-Eze or securing cargo onto a Dorsey, the design simplifies the process.

Key Features to Consider When Purchasing

Deck Length and Width: Every job is unique, and so is the cargo. Considering deck length and width is crucial, ensuring the trailer can accommodate your transportation needs. While a Doonan might offer one deck length, you might find a different requirement met by Reitnouer or Great Dane.

Material and Build Quality: The marketplace of drop deck trailers offers various materials. From the lightweight, durable aluminum drop deck from brands like Manac and Reitnouer to the robust steel drop deck trailers from Transcraft and Fontaine. Some even offer a combo drop deck, combining the best of aluminum and steel.

Ramp and Loading Features: The loading process is more straightforward with features like rear sliding ramps, side rails, and apitong wood floors. Manac and Dorsey are known to incorporate these user-friendly features in their designs.

Additional Features: Look out for extras that might be beneficial, such as a coil package to protect against coil indentations, aluminum floors for better durability, crossmembers for added strength, or even a tri-axle configuration for handling extra weight.

Premium Drop Deck Trailers Ready for the Road

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