Ep 94 NCBAs Don Schiefelbein

Ep. 94: NCBA’s Don Schiefelbein, FFA Week, Vilsack vote, Chrissy Wosniak, the music of Richard Lynch

February 19 2021
On this episode, Don Schiefelbein discusses some of the key issues facing cattle producers in 2021, we hear about FFA Week from Kristy Meyer of the National FFA Organization, we provide details about Tom Vilsack’s upcoming U.S. Ag Secretary confirmation vote and ag consultant and North American Ag Spotlight host Chrissy Wozniak discusses how ag manufacturers can market their business through the pandemic to come out stronger on the other side. Jesse Allen has a Market Talk update and Ray Bohacz has another installment of “Bushels and Cents.” The episode also features the music of Richard Lynch. Time stamps Don Schiefelbein, National Cattlemen’s Beef Association: 1:29 Chandler Equipment advertisement: 22:04 Kristy Meyer, National FFA Organization: 22:34 Tom Vilsack hearing news: 25:22 World Ag Expo advertisement: 26:20 Chrissy Wozniak, North American Ag Spotlight: 26:49 Jesse Allen, Market Talk: 1:01 Ray Bohacz, “Bushels and Cents”: 1:06 Richard Lynch: 1:08