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2016 New Holland POWERSTAR T4.75


114.7 miles away - MILROY, PA
Hours: 2096
Transmission: 12X12 HYD SHUTTLE
Horse Power: 75GROSS,65PTO
Drive Type: GEAR 12X12 HYD SHUTTLE
Hours: 2096, Transmission: 12X12 HYD SHUTTLE, Horse Power: 75GROSS,65PTO, Drive Type: GEAR 12X12 HYD SHUTTLE, Fuel Type: DIESEL, Horse Power (PTO): 65, 3-Point Hitch: CAT 2, Engine Hours: 2096, New: Used, PTO (RPM): 540, Speeds Forward: 12
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114.7 miles away

2012 Case IH Farmall 85C


408.9 miles away - SOMERSET, KY
Hours: 2000
Transmission: SYNCHRO
Horse Power: 84
Drive Type: MFD
Hours: 2000, Transmission: SYNCHRO, Horse Power: 84, Drive Type: MFD, Fuel Type: DIESEL, Horse Power (PTO): 70, 3-Point Hitch: YES, Operator Station: CAB/HEAT/AIR, PTO (RPM): 540, Speeds Forward: 12, Speeds Reverse: 12, Tire Size Front: 7.50X16
Dealer Info
Somerset Farm Equipment
408.9 miles away

2021 New Holland WORKMASTER 50

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567.9 miles away - CARROLLTON, GA
Hours: 1
Transmission: Shuttle
Horse Power: 50
Drive Type: MFD/MFWD
Hours: 1, Transmission: Shuttle, Horse Power: 50, Drive Type: MFD/MFWD, Fuel Type: Diesel, Horse Power (PTO): 45, Guidance-ready: no, 3-Point Hitch: Yes, Engine Hours: 1, New: New, Operator Station: Open w/Canopy, PTO (RPM): 540, Speeds Forward: 8
Dealer Info
Agrimerica Farm & Construction, LLC.
567.9 miles away

Choosing a Tractor with 40-99 Horsepower

When purchasing a piece of land that has the possibility of becoming a working farm, it becomes necessary almost immediately to choose a tractor that can help with some of the basic tasks of caring for the property. While a simple garden tractor might be fine for a yard or a garden less than 10 acres, any piece of land that is larger than this may require something with a little more power. With a wide range of tractors available, it is important to know what the land needs before making a purchase. Here is a review of the basic types of tractor.

Garden Tractors

Most garden tractors are going to be below the 40 HP range. These tractors are more suitable for tending a lawn and doing basic gardening tasks. A larger tractor is likely needed to begin cultivating the land. Many high quality tractors, such as Oliver, start at this range.

Subcompact Tractors

Sub-compact tractors, such as McCormick, generally fall below the 40 horsepower category, but there are a few selections with 40 horsepower or more. This is one of the more popular categories to choose from because these machines have both power and maneuverability. However, they may not have the power to use implements that may be needed on a larger farm.

Compact Tractors

With a higher ground clearance, and the ability to be used with larger implements, a compact tractor may be the first practical choice for anyone looking to cultivate land. Typically between 25 and 50 horsepower, this category is great for smaller acreages that are beginning to need more sophisticated care. Brands such as Farmall carry many different options.

Compact Utility Tractors

Many of the tractors with between 40 and 99 HP, such as LS or White fall in this category. Compact utility tractors have a small enough chassis to allow for some maneuverability while increasing the power. Most feature three-point hitches that make attaching implements easier which is ideal for a multifunctional machine. There are many implements that can be used with these tractors making them a great second tractor for larger farms or a trustworthy multi use tractor for smaller farms.

Utility Tractors

Utility tractors are available from around 40 HP to well over 100 horsepower. They contain many features that are not found in other tractors such as joystick gear changes. This is important for tractors that will be used all day for individuals using the machine to avoid fatigue. These tractors are ideal for fully functional farms that need the speed and power of a larger sized machine. Although implements for a utility tractor can be pricey, larger ones can be fitted to accommodate pressing timetables.

Tractors with 40-99 Horsepower

As can be seen above, tractors in the 40-99 HP range can range anywhere from subcompact tractors to utility tractors. Most are diesel powered with a 3 or 4 cylinder engine. Tractors in this range are especially suited for cultivating more than 10 acres of land that is, for the most part, already cleared and ready for preparation.

Things to Consider Before Purchasing a Tractor with 40-90 HP Power, although important, is not the only consideration when purchasing a tractor. There are a wide range of tractors that are all specifically suited to a unique set of tasks and requirements. Within the 40-99 HP range, there are so many different makers, models, and features. It is important to consider all of these before making a decision.

Three-Point Hitch

One of the most important things to make sure a tractor includes is a three-pint hitch. While older tractors, such as John Deere tractors from the 1940s, did not use this important method, most modern tractors do. The three-point hitch was invented by Harry Ferguson in the 1920s. This invention was a turning point for tractors, and his name is immortalized in the Massey-Ferguson tractor company. Because the TPH takes the drag of the machine and brings it downward instead of backward, tractors are able to pull heavier implements more effectively. Most implements require the use of a TPH.

2WD vs. 4WD

Almost all brands of tractors from Ford to Kubota have tractors in the 40-99 HP range in either 2WD or 4WD. This can be an important decision to make based on the conditions of the land. 2WD is best for small areas that need to be easily maneuvered and can work perfectly fine on hard and compact ground. They also come with a lower price tag than many 4WD machines. However, for ground that is wet, muddy, or sloping, a 4WD may be the better option. They can withstand more difficult conditions and are less likely to need maintenance after hard tasks.


Choosing a transmission for a tractor can be a daunting process. There are several different transmissions to choose from, and all were designed with a different set of priorities in mind. The two basic forms of transmission are gear transmission and hydrostatic transmission. The first is good for those who want a high level of control over their machine. The second is perfect for individuals needing to cover a lot of ground without the fatigue of holding down the clutch. Other forms of transmission include power reverser transmission and constant velocity transmissions.

Implements (Size and Availability)

Tractors in the 40-99 HP range are able to accommodate much larger implements. They can easily accommodate a loader, which is one of the most commonly used. Compact and Compact Utility machines can also be purchased with rotary cutters, tillers, snow blowers, aerators, box blades, rear blades, and grooming mowers. Many New Holland tractors are sold used with common implements like loaders, and additional implements can be sold for any purpose.

Chassis Style

Each maker of tractor has a different style of chassis. Although many tractors come with a signature color, like the red of a Case IH, the most important thing to consider for a farm with a small barn is size. Tractors between 40 and 99 horsepower are not as wide and tall as some of their 100 + counterparts, but they are going to be sizeable enough to require a barn or other large building for storage. Many makers such as International and Kioti offer a variety to choose from.


One of the best things about a tractor between 40 and 99 horsepower is that they have enough power to handle many of the needed implements without purchasing attachments that are as expensive as those of the more powerful utility tractors. Buying used Mahindra or Case tractors from individuals or dealers can save a lot of money.

Storage Options

Many small barns can accommodate the size of a 65 HP Allis-Chalmers 6060 tractor or even larger. However, those with limited storage should consider finding something with a smaller chassis. Tractors should be stored out of the elements to protect their value and keep them running year after year. This should be done whether the tractor will be resold after several years, or whether it is needed to faithfully keep running year after year with little maintenance or expensive repairs.

Tire Size

Choosing the right tires for a compact or compact utility tractor can be just as difficult as selecting a tractor. In order for the machine to work properly, the horsepower needs to be effectively transferred from the engine to the ground. The size and tread are both important considerations. High tread should be avoided with hard ground, while turf tires are excellent for soft grass, gravel, and loose dirt. Front tires can be selected to work well with the given conditions as well, with tires that are better for traversing difficult terrain or offer more control when steering the machine. When buying a 40-99 HP machine used, it is good to research tires first.

Speed and Maneuverability

With individuals who have taken their love of farming beyond just a hobby and are using it as a business, speed becomes an important factor. Tractors in the 40-99 HP range are typically a good compromise between speed and maneuverability. Generally, the more horsepower a Belarus machine has, the faster it can perform some of the more routine tasks such as mowing, moving dirt, or tilling the ground. However, many smaller plots of land have sharp corners or meandering pathways that require the use of a more agile piece of equipment. Finding the balance is important when selecting a used tractor.


Tractors with more than 40 horsepower, and less than 99 are a wonderful investment to make. These tractors have enough power to effectively assist in cultivating large plots of land, and with the right tires and implements, they can perform almost any task needed on a small farm. Although not suited to clearing large trees or excessive amounts of dirt, they are sufficient for most agricultural needs. With the right considerations, the proper planning, and the right resources, it is possible to purchase a tractor that is trustworthy and gets the job done right every time.