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Belarus 562


108.5 miles away - LEBANON, PA
Hours: 2547
Horse Power: 70
Drive Type: MFWD
Hours: 2547, Horse Power: 70, Drive Type: MFWD, Fuel Type: Diesel, New: Used, Operator Station: Cab, Loader: No
Dealer Info
108.5 miles away

Belarus 500


1202.6 miles away - HILLSBORO, TX
Horse Power: 65
Dealer Info
1202.6 miles away

Belarus Tractors for Sale

Belarus tractors are produced by Minsk Tractor Works in Minsk, Belarus and distributed in the USA by MTZ Equipment Ltd. Founded in 1946, Minsk Tractor Works is now one of the largest tractor manufacturers worldwide, producing 8% of the world’s wheeled tractors. MTZ Equipment Ltd. offers a variety of machines ranging from mini-tractors to heavy-duty plowing tractors. 


Over the years, Belarus tractors have gained a loyal following in the United States because they are economical while still offering superior horsepower for commercial and small farm operations. Keep reading for information on some of their available models.

Compact and Medium Tractors

Compact and Medium Belarus tractors include:


The Belarus-152 is designed for a variety of agriculture, municipal, and industrial settings. It features an 11HP, Honda GX390 Engine and travels at a max speed of 18.5 MPH.


The Belarus-132H is designed for maintenance and agricultural equipment and the transportation of goods. Featuring the same engine as the 152 model, the Belarus-132H boasts 13HP and a maximum speed of 17.5 MPH. 


This is a versatile tractor available in 2-wheel and 4-wheel drive modifications. A maximum speed of 15.5 MPH, the Belarus-311 is perfect for a variety of smaller-scale agricultural operations.


The Belarus-320.4 has a low-pollution emission and features an Italian Lombardini engine. A 36HP machine, this tractor has a maximum speed of 15.5 MPH.


The Belarus-320.5 has many of the same features of the 320.4 model, with an increased maximum speed of 17 MPH.


The Belarus-321 is a compact model that features a 36HP  Italian Lombardini engine, a tight turning radius, and a maximum speed of 15.5 MPH. This tractor is available in 2WD and 4WD models, making it perfect for small farms.


Belarus-422 model tractors are 50HP, 4WD, and have a maximum speed of 15-25 MPH. These tractors are perfect for agriculture but hold up well in both construction and forestry industries.


The Belarus-550 tractor features a 57 HP Lombardini engine, 2WD and 4WD options, and a maximum speed of 16 MPH. This high-powered tractor can hold its own in agriculture settings, even compared to larger tractors.


Belarus-622 tractors feature 62.5HP Lombardini LDW2204T engines and 4WD with a maximum speed of 23 MPH. These compact, high-powered tractors are ideal for agriculture but excel in construction as well. 


The Belarus-923 tractor is powerful, featuring a diesel engine with turbocharging and aftercooling. With a maximum speed of 23.5 MPH, this tractor is heavy-duty enough to handle heavier-duty farm work than the smaller models.

Large Base Models

Larger Belarus tractor models include:


The Belarus-1025 has a rugged 100HP diesel engine with turbocharging. Its incredible power makes it perfect for commercial farm operations, construction, forestry, and heavy transportation.


The Belarus-1220 tractor features a high-powered 122HP diesel engine with turbocharging and aftercooling. With a maximum speed of 25MPH, this tractor can meet the needs of many large-scale industrial and agriculture applications without breaking the bank.


Designed for use on damp or soft soil, the Belarus-1502 features a 157HP diesel engine with turbocharging and aftercooling. It features continuous tread propulsion, making it perfect for bulldozing and agricultural applications.


The Belarus-2022 is a high-powered all-purpose tractor that, with the appropriate attachments, is great for tilling, seeding, and sowing. It features a 200HP in-line diesel engine with turbocharge.


The Belarus-2103 tractor features a caterpillar track and a 212HP diesel, 4-stroke, 6-cylinder engine with turbo-supercharging and intermediate aftercooling. This heavy-duty tractor is built for use on soft, humidified soil and moving heavy equipment and goods.


The Belarus-3022 is a rugged general use tractor perfect for use with wide-cut and combined machinery. It features a 300HP diesel engine with turbocharging and aftercooling, making it versatile and heavy-duty enough for use on commercial farms.


There are a variety of modifications, parts, and accessories available for Belarus tractors. Their low price and high power make them a perfect option for any size farm operation.