West Point Implement., Inc sells new nd used Case IH, tractors, combines and farm equipment along with Naistar International, medium duty and heavy duty trucks, Automatic, Buffalo, and many other short line equipment products.  WPI's area of responsibility has grown to a 40 mile radius.

Missouri Valley implement., Inc, which is in Missouri Valley, was acquired in 1990.  It is helping to expand the geographic market area.

West Point Design., Inc is a manufacturing company that has been operating at the same location as WPI since 1994.  The main products are spread-All pull-type and truck-mounted spreaders, Haul-All quick unload semi trailer, GrandStand post hole digger stand, etc. Now owners of these design products may be found nation-wide.

25th Anniversary of West Point Implement


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(WPI's location on Main Street in the mid-'70's)

As we approach the 25th anniversary of West Point Implement Inc. and the fifth anniversary of West Point Design Inc., it's a good time for reflection. This special edition will give you a look back at our beginnings, will introduce you to our West Point Implement and West Point Design family, and will give you an up-close  look at the products and services we  offer you. 

   First, a look back:

West Point Implement Inc.
    In the 1930's, Feyerherm and Washburn had a McCormick-Deering dealership in West Point. McCormick-Deering later became International Harvester. In 1945, the business became Vincent Adams Implement. Equipment was two-row, and some horse machinery was still used by area farmers.
    Upon Adams's retirement in 1967, the Francis Sand-Red Hucka partnership began. At this time, the business was located in a historic former dance hall called the "Del Rio," located where the West Point city offices now stand on south Main Street. The shop was a lean-to with minimal room for three mechanics. IH and Amana freezers and Maytag washers were sideline sales. International Harvester was franchiser for both farm equipment and trucks, including pickups.
    In 1973, Hucka left the business and Bud Ternus became a partner. In that same year, Ervin Eisenmenger came to West Point as manager and partner with Francis Sand and Bud Ternus. The business became West Point Implement. A large shop was added at the downtown location in 1974. A business systems computer and electronic parts system called SPIM aided parts tracking and ordering. Inventories increased and the sales area expanded.
    In 1979, West Point Implement moved to a large, efficient new building south of town on a 20-acre site on Highway #275. In the 1980's, there was much consolidation of farms and equipment dealers. During this time, 26% of farm equipment dealers closed nationally. West Point Implement's area of responsibility now grew to a 40-mile radius.
    During the 1980's, many changes took place at West Point Implement. In 1984, computers were introduced to West Point Implement. In 1985, J.I. Case Company purchased the ag portion of International Harvester. International trucks became Navistar International.
    In 1990, the acquisition of Missouri Valley Implement in Missouri Valley, Iowa helped to expand the geographic market area. In 1993, Ervin and Elaine Eisenmenger became sole owners of West Point Implement, having bought out Francis Sand.
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    Looking back over the past decades, many innovations have been introduced in ag machinery. Highlights include the air planter in 1971 and the axial flow combine in 1977. Global positioning systems tied in with advance farming systems arrived in 1996.
    As we move into the next millennium, it is the intent of the West Point Implement team to stay alert to change, and to lead the way for our employees and our customers toward being the best in the business of production agriculture. Our mission is to provide quality parts and service support for our customers and their ag equipment.

West Point Design Inc.

    West Point Design Inc. is a manufacturing company operating at the same location as West Point Implement since 1994.
    Because of a limitation in function of available current manure spreaders, West Point Design came into being to satisfy this market with its Spread-All pull-type and truck-mounted spreaders. It has since expanded with additional products including:

  • Haul-All (quick unload semi trailer)
  • Grand Stand (post hole digger stand)
  • Great Divide (livestock windbreak and divide fence system)

    These products are built utilizing mostly recycled materials. Design product owners may now be found from North Dakota throughout the Midwest to New Mexico. A new building was erected in 1994, and a 31,500-square foot expansion is now being completed.
    The mission of West Point Design Inc. is to take existing technology and apply it in new ways. We utilize existing tractor components, truck components, plastic, tires, etc., and remanufacture them into new design applications to further utilize the initial energy expended to make these components.
    Several new products are scheduled for release in the coming two years. These products are designed from the customer's point of view.
    Our philosophy is to help the customer be profitable and, in doing so, to earn his or her respect and business.


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