Representing storied pasts, MM Weaver and Binkley & Hurst were each founded by farmers in the 1930’s and have since grown into multilocation AGCO branded dealerships serving the Mid-Atlantic region with equipment sales and support. Following on the heels of a longstanding competitive, yet respectful relationship, official merger discussions began in late 2021, with communication to Team Members and Customers taking place the week of February 22nd, 2022. During the process of forming a newly-merged identity, themes like partnership, passion, and excellence in customer service, all surfaced as foundational characterizations of both companies. These traits have been incorporated into the new branding and mission of the new company, Agriteer.

The meaning behind the name Agriteer is built from the combining of three distinct words.

Agriculture, Grit, and Pioneer.

Operating under this new identity, we are excited to provide the same passionate customer service that you have come to expect from us!

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