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2019 Rite Way BALE CART

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Additional Info: Simple. Efficient. Built to Last. Gather 1,000 bales per day. Relocate and sort bales quickly and easily. The Rite Way Bale Cart allows you to accomplish a day's worth of work in a few hours. Designed for farmers and ranchers with a large number of bales to move, the bale cart is the fastest and most efficient link between your bales and their final destination. Built to be durable, the Bale Care is nearly maintenance free. Aside from the wheel hubs, there are no grease points, and the Bale Cart can easily handle over 200,000 bales in its lifetime. Pick up Bales 48" to 72" in diameter Gather Bales without damaging wrapping Pick up Bales at 4mph and move from bale to bale at 6 mph or faster Move up to 12 Bales at a time. Set Bales with correct spacing for efficient tube-style loading Always set Bales down in the same position Securely haul Bales between locations Quickly remove Bales from fields to allow for a second cut Reduce waste from dropped or damaged Bales.

1782.0 miles away


1782.0 miles away